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Hat Shop Toronto: Enjoy the Sun whilst Protecting Yourself with these Stylish Summer Hats

Posted on July 31 2018

Hats make for one of the coolest style statements. An accessory that can work with just about any outfit and looks great on both men and women alike, these can be trendy in any season if you know how to best work them. While winters and fall call for fedora and woolen hats, summer is the perfect season to experiment with gorgeous summer hats. Elina’s Hat Boutique, a hat shop in Toronto has some of the best hats, and each piece is created using only the finest materials and with guaranteed quality craftsmanship. With over twenty years of experience this family owned hat business has been featured in major newspapers, magazines and TV shows across North America. You cannot get a better pick than Elina’s when it comes to stunning hats for all occasions.

If you’re new to hats, pick the summer season to try your first one. Why? Well, summers call for parties, beaches and a lot of outdoor activities giving you plenty of occasions to try and experiment what works for you. Sun hats for men too are widely available and are flaunted by them on several occasions.

Here are some great options for summer hats:

1. Extra wide hats:

The perfect old-school beach hat, this looks amazing on any summer day and works well with all facial types and outfits. However, for the best look, team them with summer dresses or shorts and casual tank-tops along with simple slippers or wedges for a casual day out. Experiment with different colors for variations.

2. Floppy sunhats:

These have a wavy/floppy feel on the brim, adding to the character and overall feel of the hat. These make for great choices for a picnic or party and like extra-wide hats they work great with almost any outfit. Go for one with a scarf or tip-ups for added appeal.

3. Straw hats:

These sun hats look great on men and women alike. Straw hats come in all shapes and sizes like fedora hat versions or wide ones which are lightweight making them great for wearing it all day long and also for travelling. Straw hats are possibly the lightest and most comfortable all-day wearing options.

4. Panama hats:

A traditional hat, Panama hats are loved by people across the globe and they make an amazing style statement when worn right. Stick to regular straw panama hats for the best look and pair these with trousers, shorts, skirts, and simple shoes. Panama hats work great for men too. For guys, the best option is pairing them with fitted trousers, waistcoats and a simple and casual dress shirt. This look can be worn for a formal occasion too when paired with great shoes.

5. Handmade hats at a hat shop in Toronto:

With a homespun finish, handmade hats are the way to go when you wish to keep it casual and simple. Elina’s Hat Shop Toronto offers some great options when it comes to handmade hats. These work well for everyday wear and even for outdoor activities like beachside games, gardening etc.

6. Cotton sunhats:

The simplest option available when it comes to hats, these are the plainest and no-fuss ones. Made of 100% cotton, they are light-weight, casual and can be donned in various colors to team with your outfit. They work well with jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts too.

7. Dress summer hats:

These dress hats in Toronto are a more stylish option over regular summer hats. With added detailing like lace or beads, dress hats work well with a summer dress, maxi dresses, skirts and trendy shorts teamed with floral shirts or blouses.

Make sure you try plenty of options before the big party or outing and see what feels comfortable and works best with your look. The best tip here is to carry your outfit, shoes and accessories when you go hat hunting, work them as one complete outfit/look and then take a call.

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