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The Hat Making Process


Thanks to steam which makes the felt cone pliable, it is fixed by hand on to the chosen block. The block is the aluminium (or wooden) model of the head of the finished hat: a different head corresponds to each size. The next procedure is blocking: a set of modelling operations with a press to fix and by hand, to give the permanent desired shape to the hat. When this process is completed, the felt cone is left to cool down on its block.


After shaping the head, the brim is shaped, which is first ironed by hand on wooden circles, then dried under sacks of hot sand.


After these fundamental two passages, the hat is ready for the trimming which varies to follow seasons and fashions. In Panizza’s historical collection, there are over one thousand types of different bows to trim the hats. 


Once trimmed and checked in every detail, the hat is polished, that is brushed by hand under a bell of hot steam. Each piece will then be delicately packaged to maintain its shape and quality. Panizza is proud to export its hats, the symbol of 100% Italian quality and craftsmanship, all over the world.

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